Typesetting and Formatting Services

Reduce costs and production time with DocAlign’s cutting-edge conversion and formatting services for books, articles, journals, trade publications and catalogs.

Compared to traditional publishing models, DocAlign reduces costs and production time by 60–90%. Your content can be simultaneously converted to multiple output channels (print PDF, online PDF, device-specific PDF, HTML5, EPUB, eBook, etc.) with support for publications in multiple language.

reading books

Prices start from just €0.60 per page.

reading books

Publication Types


Print PDF | Online PDF | Device-specific PDF | HTML5 | eBook (EPUB, AZW, mobi, Screen PDF) | variable print formats

Catalog Production

We connect to your existing database, CMS or PIM. Alternatively, we can set up a custom solution to automate your catalog production.

Data Conversion

We specialize in conversions from OCR, scan-to-print, file system, InDesign, or other legacy and proprietary systems to XML, database, or CMS.

Why Choose Us?

With DocAlign, you’ll benefit from many years of publishing services expertise.

Our solutions offer you: