Case Study: Transforming Stamp Catalogue Creation with DocAlign

Overview of DocAlign

At DocAlign, we specialize in document automation and management solutions, helping businesses streamline their document-related tasks to enhance productivity and reduce manual effort.

About the Client

One of our clients, a major player in the philatelic community, faced significant challenges in managing their extensive stamp catalogue. With a vast collection and a long history, they needed a more efficient way to handle catalogue production.

Challenges Faced by the Client

Our client struggled with several issues: manually editing stamps took too much time, creating the catalogue required many hours, and a lot of time was spent proofreading and checking for typesetting mistakes. There was no proper and organized place to store stamp information, and theme-based catalogues were only 80-90% complete with manual work.

Solution Implemented

We provided a solution that included creating a user-friendly interface for editing the catalogue and stamps. We developed a robust SQL database model named PDB to store all stamp-related data. Our solution allowed for importing existing data from structured JSON files and created a database model for the catalogue using the data from the stamps. We also assigned keywords to stamps for theme-based catalogues and made a printable version of the database catalogues.

Results Achieved

The implementation of our solution automated the entire process of creating the stamp catalogue, achieving 100% automation. Efficiency increased by 50%, and the workload was reduced by half, making the process more manageable and cost-efficient by up to 40%. The new system was user-friendly and significantly less complicated, providing a database with access to all gathered information for every existing stamp. Theme-based catalogues were now up to 100% complete.

By partnering with us at DocAlign, our client successfully transformed their catalogue creation process, achieving greater efficiency, accuracy, and ease of use.