Our prices vary according to the complexity of the text.

Most novels will fall into the Basic pricing model. 

Most journals and some complex academic texts with many tables or complex footnote logic (e.g. between columns) will fall into the Premium pricing model.

Volume pricing generally applies to large publishers. 

Are you a formatting/typesetting services company?

We offer subscription services, where you buy packets of pages (in multiples of 1000) which you can use over the course of a year. Get in touch to discuss your projects.


Ideal for self-publishers and small/medium-sized publishers

€ 1.20/page


E.g. catalogues, journals or reports


€ 2.00/page


E.g. fiction with a minimum order of 10,000 pages/year

€ 0.60/page

Optional Services

DocAlign offers a wide range of additional services on request, including scan-to-print, catalog production, image processing and integration of databases, Product Information Management (PIM) and Content Management Systems (CMS).



Image processing


Copy editing


Database integration

Get in touch to discuss your projects and we’ll find the best solution for you. 

Outputs supported: online PDF, print PDF, device-specific PDF, XML (TEI, DocBook, DOM tree), HTML5/CSS3, EPUB, AZW and mobi (other eBook formats are available upon request).

Why Choose DocAlign?


Our automated publication process lightens the editorial and proofreading loads – so you save time and money.


You define the styles and layout – these are not based on standard templates.


Your texts and other elements are placed and repositioned by our measurement algorithms – so a last-minute change won’t require manual adjustments throughout the publication.


You can publish content across multiple media at little or no extra cost – this includes media and device-specific layouts (e.g. eBook format).


Your costs are reduced by 60–90% and your editors and proofreaders can focus on the content.